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The first highfrequency acoustic microscope was developed by the company Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar. "ELSAM" was working with a frequency of 800 MHz and established itself since 1985 in various fields of application as a microscope for research. In the year 1989 Dr. Klaus Kraemer developed the successor ELSAM X1 and the V(z) module for the Ernst Leitz GmbH (Leica).

In 1994 Dr. Kraemer inherited the full line of products of scanning acoustic microscopes from Ernst Leitz GmbH (Leica) and created the company "Krämer Scientific Instruments (KSI)".

In 1998 the "Institute for Acoustic Microscopy" was founded as a service provider for analysing samples.

In 2003 Dr. Klaus Krämer created the company SAMTEC GmbH.

In 2004 the SAMTEC GmbH was reorganized to be a fully-owned subsidiary and sales company of the Krämer Scientific Instruments GmbH with domicile in Aalen.

In 2007 the shares of Krämer Scientific Intruments GmbH and SAMTEC GmbH were sold to the company PVA TePla.

In 2008 the "Institut für Akustomikroskopie Dr. Krämer GmbH (IFA)" took over the operating activities of the "Institute for Acoustic Microscopy" with a new profile.